Who we Are

We are a young, dedicated German-Ghanaian non-governmental organization, founded in 2011 to promote and connect the German and Ghanaian youth. 

In Ghana we train volunteers and sexual education teachers who then convey knowledge about sexual and reproductive rights and sexual health in Ghanaian schools and communities.


In Germany we organize intercultural events and conduct project days for students to learn about global responsibility, stereotypes about Africa as well as sexual and human rights. We also focus on project planning, public relations, and fundraising.




During their voluntary service in Ghana, two of our founding members realized an independent sexual education project. Some time later, they were joined by a group of dedicated people who wanted to make a difference and promote sexual and human rights in Ghana and Germany. Together they developed the idea of a sustainable long-term education project, which led to the founding of Boa Nnipa. 

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    In 2010 two of our founding members, Carla and Ragna, participated in a program called “Weltwärts”, a voluntary program in developing countries. They were working in a school in Ghana, when a chain of events encouraged them to start their own initiative, the “Sexual Education in Ghanaian Schools (SEGS)” project.

    The idea arose during the preparation for a debating competition within the school on the topic of sexual education. Carla and Ragna realized that there was a great need for further education and discussion on this issue and, together with school officials, they planned out their first sexual education lesson. The positive response was immediate and the decision was made to continue the educational work. Although the Ghanaian curriculum already provides for sexual education, it is rarely fully implemented. Having become aware of the importance for extensive sexual education, Carla and Ragna decided to start an independent project.

    Along with their friend Samuel, one of our coordinators in Ghana, they started implementing their ideas. They set up contacts with schools and ministries and developed a curriculum and study materials for the different age groups of students. In order to purchase supplies, funding was secured through donations from Germany. In order to reach the greatest number of students, their goal was to teach at both private and public schools. The latter was only fulfilled through an approval from the Ghanaian Ministry of Education, which authorized the group to teach in all Ghanaian schools. In a very short time they were able to reach children in over twenty schools.

    After Carla and Ragna’s departure from Ghana, there was no possibility to continue SEGS. However, the spark had been lit. Through the sharing of the idea with new friends and contacts they were able to gather a group that had the drive to continue with the project - from this Boa Nnipa was founded in 2011.

    In the beginning the main objective was to gain professional knowledge about sexual health and rights and to pass this information on to Ghanaian volunteers. Our members were given the chance to receive professional schooling in sexual education by Pro Familia, the leading non-governmental service for sexual and reproductive health and rights in Germany. The founding members then travelled back to Ghana to recruit and coach Ghanaian teachers to teach sexual education classes in schools.

    Meanwhile in Germany, with the help of Start Social, a structure was established for fundraising, networking, and public relations. This enabled us to become an officially recognized non-governmental organization (NGO) in November of 2012.